A Peek into the Everyday: A day in the Life at New Standard

As dawn breaks over our various iconic locations, encompassing Whitehall, Grand Haven, Sand Lake, Hazel Park, Edmore, Saugatuck, and others across MI, the day-to-day hustle at New Standard begins. Each day at New Standard presents exciting challenges and rewarding experiences, especially when serving as one of the prime marijuana dispensaries in MI.

Wake up, Serve Up!

As an employee at New Standard, my day typically kick-starts with an all-inclusive team huddle. We discuss our plans, address any pressing issues, and strategize on how we can further refine our customer’s shopping experience. Whether it’s about the medical marijuana enquiries or questions about nearby dispensaries, we’re always prepared.

Handpicked Quality:

The first half of the day sees us deep into inventory checks ensuring that our shelves are well-stocked with top-quality marijuana. We take pride in delivering freshly sourced inventory with a focus on quality and variety. Beyond being just a weed dispensary, New Standard seeks to provide an immersive, educational journey for everyone who steps through our doors.

Customer Is King:

Afternoons are typically bustling with customers. New or regular, each customer receives our undivided attention and the highest standard of service. Whether they are looking for medical marijuana or recreational use, we aim to provide an enriched experience helping them find the best suited strains.

Ending the Day on a High:

As the sun sets, we wind down while reflecting on the day’s accomplishments. We tidy up our spaces but our customer queries never wind down. Whether it’s midnight calls asking for “dispensaries near me” or walk-ins hoping we are the “dispensary near me”, we aim to always be there, setting a NEW STANDARD.

Being part of the New Standard community means being immersed in an environment that values learning and growth. Being a beacon of marijuana knowledge, striving for superb customer service, and ensuring all feel welcome, all in a day’s work.